The JerseyMaid

I’m so excited to brag on one of my favorite people for a while. Let me introduce you to… my sister. Sharyl!

There’s a fantastic story here, the must be told before I talk about all things Etsy. Almost 20 years ago, we met and fell in love with Miss Sharyl. After being one of our favorite babysitters, Sharyl moved in with us.  I call Sharyl my sister because she has been part of our lives almost as long as I can remember. Some of my most favorite summer childhood memories include her, and “Mr. Chris”, her awesome band drummer boyfriend, with sleeve tattoos and nose rings. Evenings spent by the pool drinking Snapples.  Slumber parties in our room with a special teddy bear named “Berry”. Celebrating Mom & Dad’s anniversary with Sharyl & Chris’s wedding. The list goes on and on. But basically, they complete our family.  A second set of parents, or just really awesome older sister, both her and Chris have taught me much about marriage, relationships and parenting. Both in word and actions. I look up to them and appreciate their Godly examples in my life.

Chris and Sharyl started out in Old Towne Orange 16 years ago. A few kids, and years later, they now live on a beautiful farm just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Sharyl home school’s all 5 of their kids. They all work around their house and the yard along with their school work and fun. They all tend to the chickens, dogs, fish and of course Missy Moo Cow and her bull, Mr. Darcy.  She was green and crunchy long before it was “in” and before I knew what either word meant! She’s my inspiration for all things natural, home births, cloth napkins and so much more. She bakes fresh bread for an army …er a family 7… every day. Makes amazing meals. And keeps her house pretty sparkly clean.  I wish I could introduce you all to her in person!!!

{ Mod Wide Head Band }

Sharyl loves pretty fabric and accessories. Even though she lives on a farm, and isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves and get down and dirty, I’m always amazed that she looks so cute doing it. I guess she still had hours in her day left over, or something like that, and decided to start sewing and crafting in the last few years. She finally opened an ETSY shop to sell her beautiful creations. Her shop even includes her oldest daughter’s creations along with her own, the little one models for pictures and I’m sure the boys do something to help out too {like stay out of mischief for a few minuets!}

{ 5×7 Owl Print}

{ Little Red Riding Hood Wide Head Band }

And my latest favorite, which I hear my sister saying in my head all the time:

{ Everyone needs to just CALM DOWN Hoop }

Take a look around Sharyl’s  Shop on Etsy! There  are so many things to catch your fancy. And with the Holiday’s coming, it’s a great time to get something for someone special or add to your own wish list! I know I’m planning to get a few things for gifts and love supporting stay at home mom’s! Check out JerseyMaid’s  Etsy shop and receive 10% off with the code: Jerseymaid10

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