Isaac Louis ~ 9 months

Baby Isaac, I wish I could keep you this little chubby monster forever. I am just love these days… but would take some extra sleep πŸ™‚
You are sweet, calm, easy going and so loving. You are always sad when we tell you “no” and quickly burst into tears. You have a sensitive heart, and I love seeing you grown and change every day! We all love you so much and we couldn’t imagine life without you in our family!!! Silas always gets concerned when he you crying or if falls over while trying to walk. I love the relationship you two have as brothers. It’s so great to see!


  • 2 top teeth came in right at his 8 months birthday! A 3rd lower tooth just popped in 10/6/2012 making for almost 5 teeth with the 6th about to make it’s debut too.
  • Walking along the couch and using walkers (or pushing a chair!) around the house
  • Smacking his lips… They are kisses and mean “I am hungry!” Watch Here
  • Trip to the cabin in Arrowhead
  • Waving Hello


  • Top of the list is Eating, and Eating Meat or Pasta at that!
  • Being held
  • Playing with cars
  • Cuddling, play and being silly with Silas
  • Clapping, Waving, Smiling.
  • Trash Cans, Toilets, Dog Dish… anything he really shouldn’t be touching. {Eating dog food was a first this month too… it doesn’t help Silas thinks it’s funny to feed him dog food too}
  • When Isaac is super happy, he jumps up and down really fast, throws his head back with a huge grin and his eyes closed. I love watching him do that and I never want to forget!!

Not So Much:

  • Getting into the car seat. Once he has a toy and blanket he is ok.
  • Loud Noises & Being woken up.
  • Being put down when he wants to be held.
  • Being in the living room gated in when Mama is in the kitchen.
  • No more food on his plate.

For the Record:

  • Still got some amazing baby blues! and Blonde/Auburn Hair {Currently in a Mow hawk}
  • Says “MaaaMaaaaMaaa” to me and “Daaadaaa” to Brock {working on Paapaa} , Baaa, Paaa.
  • 19 pounds even (45%)
  • 29.5 inches long (90%)
  • Got the thumbs up to try dairy and eggs… we’ll see how this goes!


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