Pre School Week 1 Lesson Plans

This is our first week of “pre-school”… So excited to enjoy this new learning experience with Silas! I can’t wait to update with pictures!

Lesson Plans: ABCs

Week of September 10th 2012

Monday – Introducing… ABC/ 1 / Green / Square / ANIMALs
Wood Magnet Letters, Flash Cards, #1, Green, Square Items and Fish items in “We’re learning about this week…” Box



Matching the letters with Flash Cards!

Tuesday – Field Trip Day: Fullerton Airport

Wednesday – Sensory: Dora’s ABC’s for the iPad, Apple sticks to trace below coloring pages in sheet protectors & Baking Bread {It was 95 out… way too hot}

Thursday – Art/Coloring Pages: A, B, C printed from here , Apple Tissue Paper Stain Glass,


Friday – Animal Day: ANIMAL HUNT! Hunting for “A, B & C” animals around the house to match with our A, B & C Flash Cards

Special Snacks this week:

  • Apples
  • Apple Sticks
  • Homemade Bread

This weeks resources:


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