Isaac Louis: 8 months

Where does the time go?

Little Washu. Such a charmer!


  • Sleeping through the night!  Isaac has slept through the night (6pm-6am!) A few times now. But it hasn’t become a regular occurrence. His 2, sometimes 3 wake ups aren’t anything horrible.
  • Beans, Real Rice {not cereal}, Chicken, Meatballs, Pasta, and Raspberries are new this month.
  • Saying “MAMAAAA”, “BAABBAA” , “PAAAA”
  • Giving kisses! If you kiss him and make a smacking sound, he smacks back with his lips!
  • Clapping
  • First train ride {9/1/2012}
  • 2 top teeth finally broke the gums! {9/4 & 6/12}


  • This just is a standard… NAPS. SLEEP. SCHEDULE. ROUTINE.  The kid  thrives on it. Unfortunately for him, it doesn’t always happen. But he is getting a little better with “off schedule” days!
  • Playing with his brother. Silas and Isaac both have the biggest smiles when they get to see each other after naps or in the morning. I love their little routine hellos! Warms my hear!
  • Pulling up to stand and walking with something.
  • Eating. LOVES TO EAT.  He cries when the food is all gone.
  • Blowing bubbles with his mouth
  • Popscicles. Frozen Wash Clothes. His new air conditioning in the boy’s room for sleeping time. He is not a wide temperature range child, 76 is his happy.
  • Pulling up to stand! Can crawl out of his high chair and lay on the tray. Can almost climb over the baby gates. Likes to climb into Silas’s chair. The Bumbo has been laid to rest, as he could climb out of it as well.

Not So Much:

  • Stuffy Nose and Sleeping while sick
  • Teething. He’s had 2 teeth for about 3 months nows. 4 other teeth have poked through and then gone back up. So we are still waiting to see the fruits of your labor. You aren’t a happy teether (Not the I blame you!)
  • Avocado is hit or miss lately
  • Taking naps anywhere but his crib
  • Getting OUT of the bath or pool
  • MUST be burped before laying down to sleep

For the Record:

  • Naps: Promptly at 8:30am & around 1pm. Bedtime must be before 7, ideally 6:30pm.
  • Only sleeps with his head on the right side of the crib and feet at the left, on his side, holding his blue leopard print blanky. If you lay him down the other way, he promtly rolls over, and changes sides.
  • Roseola at the beginning of August for Isaac was followed by Silas getting it, and ended in colds for both.
  • 18 pounds even (22%)

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