Adventures with Silas: 25 months

It seems like forever since I’ve posted about Silas…

1st & Happenings:

  • A whole week of VBS at Church {First week of August}. He had a great ti me playing with his friends and doing a ton of activities while Mama worked!!!
  • Sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT! hallelujah!!!!
  • His Blanket is now his “BA”, Cup is called “COM-MAE” and his pacifier is “FOE” — Don’t ask me how or why
  • Somehow the “FOE” because a part of Silas’s face for the past few months. But, it is now tied to the bed {with a string} for “sucks as needed”  during the day. Night time we drop it behind the bed so he doesn’t choke himself, and he gets one to sleep with. It’s actually gone great! He doesn’t really ask for it anymore. We have a new hiding place
  • The bottles are GONE GONE GONE! We went cold turkey to sippy cups for bed time, and he doesn’t really even drink at night anymore. Just a sit here or there sometimes.
  • He knows all his letters! Can count to 12. And is pretty good with colors and shapes! We’re starting our own little preschool at home next week!

 Lunch & Ice Cream with Sadie Girl


  • His POP-POP which he affectionately  calls my dad now. Grand-mum {another Silas-ism} is a favorite around here, but Pop-Pop is pretty much the highlight of any conversation.
  • Favorite Shows: Word World, Dinosaur Train, Sid the Science Kid & Chuggington (or KoKo as he calls it)
  • LOVES swimming with his swim floaties. Just jumps right in the pool, floats around. He is great!!!

Not So Much:

  • WEARING UNDERWEAR – Driving me nutso. He will not wear undies & pee in the potty. It’s been 4 months. No accidents unless he has underwear on.
  • Still not a fan of shopping with this kid, but it’s much more doable! And even with both isn’t too horrible!
  • Not  having his Papa around. Brock was gone for 3 weeks in August, along with his normal weekends. Silas was a champ the first week, the second week was hard, the last few days, brutal. The poor kid missed him sooooo much!

Cousins: Selia & Silas


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