Learning FUN

September  is here and school is back in full swing in Orange!  Since we decided long time ago we planned to homeschool our kids, now seems as good as any to start with Silas! He’s just begging to learn and I couldn’t be more excited to teach him!!!

I’ve already been lectured that just over 2 is “too young to start any type of pre-school, schooling”. So no Ney Sayin’ here please! Why not stoke that passion when I see it?
I’m not going all crazy or anything, I am pretty OCD & like to plan. I have a spread sheet, “Lesson Plans” on my desk top, and of course, boards on Pinterest for everything!  But my goal for this first “SCHOOL YEAR” is to be intentional about learning while playing, exploring the world around us and enjoying so many wonderful things that Orange County has to offer!

Tentatively our week is going to look like this:

  • Monday – Introducing Letters (3), Number, Shape, Animal and Color of the Week
  • Tuesday – Field Trip Day
  • Wednesday – Sensory Day
  • Thursday – Coloring Pages {Library Day on non Moms & More days}
  • Friday – Animal Day

It’s amazing what is out on the internet these days for resources! Pinterest is full of great ideas to get me started, and then I can search and fill in holes where I want to!

Stay tuned for Week 1 Lesson Plans!!!


2 thoughts on “Learning FUN

  1. You “GO” girl, do what you can in short periods of time and ignore what others may say!!! So proud of you for wanting to be your own ‘Mama’ and you know your child better then anyone.

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