Isaac Louis: 7 month

Isaac with Pop-Pop & Great Grandpa Herring on his 90th Birthday


{Costco Shopping Trip}

{Isaac & Jonah}


  • REALLY sitting. (7/20/12)
  • Clapping and Waving – Whenever he is really happy he will clap. But he also claps when prompted! (7/29/12) He also has been waving hi when he sees a familiar face walk in the door {mostly grandmum or papa} (7/15/12)
  • New Foods: Puffs, Kale, Plum, Prune Juice & Salmon have been new treats this month. So far, still a fan of most everything.
  • Standing – pulling up on the bed, crib, toys and chairs. Loves to stand and bounce. However, having a hard time sitting back down.


  • Naps, Eatings and crawling around the house
  • Feeding himself
  • Playing and getting kisses and hugs from his big brother
  • Getting a clean diaper
  • Cuddles
  • Sucking his pointer finger
  • Schedules Up at 6:30am, Nap at 8:30am, lunch, Nap at 12:30pm, bed at 6pm! Do not mess with the schedule  there will be hell to pay, learned my lesson the hard way…. many times

Not So Much

  • Not getting good naps or sleep in is really hard for Isaac. We try and do early morning or lunch time activities. Usually missing naps for Sunday church and one other day is bearable for the little guy… beyond that, he is a hott mess!
  • Being hot.  He is much more sensitive then Silas. Silas could sweat through a shirt and not make a peep, Isaac has a drop on his forehead and he is pretty uncomfortable.
  • TEETHING. The boy and teeth! I’ve tried Tylenol and Ibuprofen, Teething tablets, Amber necklace, Natural Ambesol, Ice, Chew Toys, Etc… Nothing works. He is up frequently during the night and actually fussy (not normal for him) It is so hard to see him sad and in pain. He has been working on teeth for 3 weeks. I’m about to die!
  • Roseola. Awesome…. it must be a thing for my kids. Silas has it just before his 1st birthday. Isaac got it last week. 3 days of fever & lots of fussyness. Followed by a rash and lots more fussies.
  • The Hot Car. Evening or early morning car rides are ok. But day time hot car seat car rides, forget it. Just plan on screaming. and a hot, sweaty, mad baby boy.
  • Pooping. I have tried everything for this kids. Kale, Prune Juice, Plums. Change his eating schedule. No food. No snacks. Sitting him on the toilet. Tummy rubs. Tummy medicine. He hates to poop and always poops early in the morning
  • DAIRY. I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. 5 months dairy free for me. I just want me a dang QuesA-dill-a. I guess I have the rest of my life to enjoy cheese =)

6 months proved to be a little hard for Isaac. But I don’t blame him. Teeth that wont show, sick, and a busy mama at VBS just isn’t the greatest.   It’s especially hard since Isaac is normally such an easy, happy, smiling little guy. It hurts my hear to see him sad. But hopefully, he is on the mend!

Little Washu,

You make our family so happy and  complete. I can’t believe just 8 months ago I didn’t know you, I hadn’t held you in my arms yet. You have the most incredible smile and big blue eyes. Your light blonde fuzzy hair, and chubby hands are perfect reminders to me of God’s great love for us. He chose you to be my baby boy. I love being your Mama. I love seeing you light up when you wake up from a nap, and your brother comes to give you a hug and a kiss  . He says “Awww, Isayak”, smooch, hug, pats your head. You love sitting with him and reading books or looking at animals on the iPad. I love  how you flap your arms and flail your body when you are so excited. I  love squishing your cheeks, and seeing your immediate smile! You are a joy and I can’t wait to play with you today!

All my love,
                                    Your Mama

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