Adventures with Silas



Yesterday this should have read:
I just peed on the stand up fan that was ON, Let the dog out of the yard,  and just smeared my blue melted M&M hands and face all over the freshly washed couch.


My Dearest Little Stink Bug,

You are one in a gazillion. You make your Papa and I laugh all day long. From saying “Taddaaa” with arms raised like an Olympic Medalist, kissing your baby brother, playing pretend with your cars and trains making “hideouts”, or putting them to sleep with blankets and sippy cups, you are one cute little boy.

I love your spunk and amazing zest! We couldn’t be prouder of the little boy you are growing into. I love you with all my heart… even when  you pee on the fan 😉

Love,  Your Mama


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