Menu Plan: July 30


Food Allergies (mine) and Isaac’s Food Sensitivities/Allergies are really getting the best of me this week… I feel like I need a hug. I love pinterest for all the great recipes around, but the pictures of cream delicious Mac & Cheese are getting to me.

Brock is leaving for 3 weeks on Wednesday, so my chant continues… Simplicity and Quick! I know that my ridiculously long list is nothing compared to others, but Isaac’s needs counteract my Allergies creating very few options for me. I know this too shall pass, but the last 5 months have seemed like an eternity! Pity Party for one… Please show your self out!


  • Monday – Left overs (Spaghetti & Salad)
  • Tuesday – Cafe Rio Taco Tuesday
  • Wednesday – Home Made Ham & Cheese Pockets for the men (The Homemade Pantry)
  • Thursday – BBQ Chicken & Rice
  • Friday – ย Garlic Pasta + Goat Cheese


Fun new things to try… What are YOU eating this week?


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