Isaac Louis: 6months

How is it possible our little chubba is 6 months old today? Isaac is such a sweet, loving, adventurous little boy!

{ 17 pounds even (45%) and 27.5 inches long (85%) }

Avocados 6/13/12

1st buzz cut – 6/8/12


  • First buzz cut! The curls are gone, and behold, the lightest golden/auburn hair. Blue eyes? Blonde hair? Yeah… I’m not sure where this kid came from either! [6/8/12]
  • First taste of food [6/12/12] I was trying to hold out until 6 months, but since he can sit up, didn’t have much tongue thrust left, and was swiping food off my plate at dinner, I decided to start him on solids. He loves food just as much as Silas did, if not more! I like to switch it up, and keep him interested in purees and finger foods for my sake. He loves eating “purees” from his Sili Squeez and is just as happy eating finger foods while I’m whipping up dinner to keep himself occupied! So far we have tried: Avocados, Peaches, Pears, Peas, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, AppleSauce, Brown Rice Cereal and Oatmeal and Veggie Rice Rusks. I’ve been making my own smash (more chunky than pureed liquid) every few days for him and Silas (Since Silas loves him veggies in his Sili too!) So far he likes everything and eats a meal at dinner time.
  • First night sleeping in his crib in the boy’s room! [6/14/12]
  • We all got the stomach flu a few weeks back. Poor baby was throwing all afternoon. Thankfully, he recovered quickly despite the scare! Holding your 5 month old while he pukes is one of the worst things ever! [6/23/12]

1st Stomach Flu – 6/23/12


climbing up the dishwasher.

  • MOVING! The kid does not stay still. He get’s around. In between the army crawl and actually crawling on hands and knees.
  • Sleeping! He takes 2 good 2-3 hour naps a day (9am & 1pm) Bed time between 6:30-7pm and usually sleeps till 6:30-8am! He is usually only up 1-2xs a night.
  • He loves playing with his Papa and brother! Seeing the boys play on the floor with trains and trucks melts my hear! All the poop & dirt is totally worth it!

Not So Much…

  • Between teeth and mama eating some cheese for her birthday (oppss!) He can be crabby with tummy problems in the middle of the night. Not so fun.
  • Being left along. Sometimes when mama is out of sigh, Isaac will lose it. He’s a mama’s boy for sure. {And I really don’t mind!}

I just love this kid!!! I love his smile, his personality, his enthusiasm and his blue eyes! He just melts my heart! But he is growing up way too fast!!!

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