Adventures with Silas: 2 years old!

This boy is 2!


  • 26 1/2 pounds (45%)
  • 34 inches tall (40%)

1st and Happenings:

  • Potty  Training – Hardly any accidents! Working on Wearing Big Boy Undies & Going out without a diaper! Potty Story: Silas gets 2 chocolate covered raisins when he uses his Big Boy potty… the other day he asked for his treats, and I told him, after he goes potty in his potty… I watch him take his sippy cup, pour juice into the potty, comes back to me, and leads me to the potty asking me for treats. That boy… smarter than I know what to do with!
  • Sleeping in a Big Boy Bed with no rails!!! EkkkK!
  • So many new words, I can’t keep up! Some favorites: “Okkaayyyy” (said to just about anything you ask him to do or not to do, and doesn’t mean he will do it!), Fire, Bus, COOL (For “Nicole”) Apple & Banana (mostly means fruit) Coke (diet coke of course)
  • We had to put chain locks on the top of the doors in our house (Back and Front) because Silas can unlock the dead bolts and get out of the house. Since there are times I can’t guard the doors while feeding Isaac or such, and he will be very quite while doing so, we decided we needed to install extra security!
  • Silas learned how to insert keys into ignition and turn cars on (BEWARE)


  • CHOOCHOOs. Trains are pretty much the toy of choice.
  • FIEEEE-YYAAAA. Fire sirens, big trucks, red trucks, lights on police cars… yup, you guessed it. those are “FIE-Yaa”
  • Books that have to do with trucks, trains, guns, soldiers, etc… pretty much any boy related thing =)
  • Running and Playing outside. Digging in the dirt with his trucks.
  • His baby brother. I love asking him where his brother is, and he points to “Is-ik”  Pretty close!
  • Still loves his doggy, Scout.
  • Is getting better with eating *crazy* things like meat!
  • He loves to say “Tank Du” {Thank You} for everything. And if you don’t say your welcome… beware. He will KEEP saying thank you until you do!

Not So Much:

  • Trying to give up his bottle of coconut milk for bed time… don’t see it happening any time soon!
  • Pacifiers are pretty much limited to bed time (and aren’t need for actually sleep) and helping to calm down if a *problem* arises
  • Target shopping trips are basically cause to bang my head on the floor… Silas + Cart + Sitting any period of time is like pleading with a cat to take a bubble bath. Not happening…

Dear Silas Boy,

It has been my joy watching you grow from 8lb baby, to a toddler walking around, and now a little boy getting into mischief beyond his years. I pray that God gives your Papa and I endurance, energy and patience as we guide and help mold you into a man who God will use for His Kingdom. You are smart and sassy. You are passionate and quick. I see that you have a big heart for your friends and family. You are a sweet and caring little boy. You love animals, from your doggy, to dyeing bees, rolly pollies and butterflies!  You make me smile every day! Even when you let the dog out of the house and I spend 30 minuets chasing him down, when you tell me sorry, and so pitifully say “Ok mama, I Yuv you” When I tell you not to do that again!,  You melt my heart.

I love the way you care for your little brother. And I can’t believe how quickly you pick up mechanics of anything. I love watching you try to sweep around the house with your broom. Or use a screw drive and screws just like your Papa and unky!  You daily amaze me. And I know you will keep me hopping for many years to come. I already have to start learning new things so that I can stay one step ahead of  you.

Reach for the stars Silas boy. With God, all things are possible. I know that you are going to do great things, and I am so blessed that God chose me to be your mama. You make me so happy, and bring so much life, laughter and love to this home. Never stop giving your amazing hugs or kisses… ok, well, not to me anyway!

Here is to 2 years old! I can’t wait for the next one!!!!!

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