Mother’s Day 2012

Today is a day to celebrate the Mom who raised me with love, patience and wisdom. A day to thank the mom who gave me life. And a day I a feel so blessed to be a mama to two sweet boys!

We had a wonderful day celebrating together as a family. I’m so thankful for my husband who so sweetly washed our couch cushions, emptied the dishwasher, and tidied up the house before Sunday morning so I could relax! One of the best gifts ever!!! (Along with a morning to come on my own!!!)

Today we also dedicated Isaac Louis at Church! My parents and grandparents, Daniel & Rachel, Brady & Nicole as well as Brock’s parents from Arizona were all t here to witness this wonderful day! It was a great morning and we were so blessed that Eric Wakeling was able to dedicate Isaac to the Lord! Both of our dad’s prayed with us as well!

We went out to lunch with the whole family and enjoy a great time talking & eating! Silas even sat in his chair the whole time while Isaac slept. I got to eat almost my whole meal!!! Happy Mother’s Day  to me!!!!

Since it was so beautiful out, Brock, Silas and I had a great time playing outside in the sunshine =)

The afternoon ended with a Starbucks trip with Grammy, playing with our iPhones, Spaghetti dinner with the Unky & Rach while we all helped Silas work on using the big boy potty!

 God so graciously choose a loving, kind, wise mother to raise me (well, a great family… but this is mother’s day!) and I am so thankful for her as role-model in my life!   I couldn’t be the mama I am today without the support of my man, The Papa. Thank you Brock for all you do to support me!

My sweet little boys, you light up my life! Silas you are so spunky, smart and full of life! You keep me on my toes, and I am barely able to stay a step ahead of your smarts! I love, love, LOVE, watching you grow into a little boy. Every day is so fun because you are my son.    And my little Isaac boy, our chubby washu, your smile and giggles are something I look forward to every morning I wake up. Pinching your cheeks and watching you try to crawl after your brother, you have stolen my heart and I can’t image not having you apart of our family!!!

Thank you Lord for your blessings!!!

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