Adventures with Silas: 23 months

Silas boy!

This is the last time I get to write about you being one! Another year has almost come and gone!

22 months has been a fun month to watch you grow into a little boy!

1st & Happenings:

  • Your vocab is flying! New words from the past few months: Cars, Trucks, Train, Choochoo, Apple, Banana, Doggy, See There,
  • Signing “sorry”
  • Along with counting to 12, you’ve learned your vowels from somewhere??! After counting you like to say “A, EE, III, O, U!”
  • “Yippee, WHOOHAA, yaaa” while dancing and waving your hands


  • Your brother! You are the best big brother Silas! Any time you hear Isaac cry, you go running for his room. Usually I find you giving him your blanket or put your bottle next time him. You give him kisses and hugs all day long and still call him “cutie Isaac” — melts your mama’s heart!
  • You love your new dog Scout too. I often find you two cuddling on the couch
  • Playing with you cars, trucks, motorcycles and trains! You love your new train table at grammy’s!
  • You still love to play outside! Your new play house and ride in truck are hits! I watch you run around playing outside with both from the kitchen window. I think you could stay outside all day long!
  • Qusadillas, Bean burritos, Bacon(!!!!), Pancakes, Carrot Juice and pretzels are just a few of your favorites this month

Not so much:

  • Saddly, we have said good-bye to nap time so that bed time still visits us promptly at 7pm! There are the occsional naps when you can’t keep your eyes open. But they are few and far between. Thank goodness for Word World and PBS Kids! Your really good about “quiet time” where you rest on the couch and let me get things done for the most part!
  • Saying good bye to daddy. Most days its not so bad, but some days, especially if he has been gone for a weekend or more, its hard to say goodbye.

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