2 years…


It’s been 2 years since Brock surprised me with a quick weekend trip home to say good-bye before leaving for Afghanistan and we took this picture the night before he left.

I know, it’s been a whole year since he has been home from Afghanistan. Shouldn’t I be over all this by now? Somehow the emotions and memories of that year and a half he was gone, still visit me almost daily. From news reports on Afghanistan, death tolls, anniversaries of days he was gone for. Most afternoons if I haven’t heard from him, I start to wonder if he was on a mission? What time is it in Afghanistan. Maybe he had a night patrol… Don’t worry quite yet. News of MPs ambushed near Kabul or Khost, my ears perk up, my heart starts racing. Even when I see him pull up in front of the house after work, I still am surprised some days.

Soldiers returning from theater aren’t the only ones who suffer from PTSD.

Two years later, I’m so thankful Brock is home. Thankful for these two little boys. Thankful for our family.

Thank you Lord for brining him home to us. Thank you that your mercies are new every morning.


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