Kids Walk for Hope

Dear Friends,

My brother, Isaac and I are going to be walking with some of our friends in a walk-a-thon  on Friday, May 11th to raise money for orphaned children in Africa.

We are going to run in lots of circles for a whole 30 minutes to raise money! 100% of the money we raise will go directly to daily operating costs to give kids enough healthy food to eat, a warm, safe place to live and sleep and the opportunity to go to a good school, clothes to wear and medicine to stay healthy! All the money my friends and I raise by running and walking will be split between Acres of Love and the Discover to Recover Centre in South Africa and Kenya. Both of these amazing organizations care for kids kin a family setting, instead of a tradition orphanage type institution.

I would like to ask you to think about partnering with Isaac and me to help these kids in Africa. We are so excited that we can use our feet to walk a little ways and support these friends who are in need.

If you would like to support me financially, All checks can be made to:

Calvary Church of Santa Ana with KIDS WALK in the memo

You can use this for a tax donation too!

And sent to my house or given directly to my mama! (Message her for our address!)

I would also like to ask for you to pray for me as we do our walk! These kids need our prayers! You can check out Acres of Love here: and the Discover to Recover Centre here: to see both places and the kids you can help me support both financially and spiritually!

And you can check out the Kids Walk for Hope web site here:

Thanks for considering to partner with me!

I’ll keep you updated on how our walk goes!

Love, Silas & Isaac Buoniconti


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