Meet Scout the dog!

Meet SCOUT! The Dog!

If you can’t tell, Silas is in love…

I’ve heard it all… yes. I have 2 grown men, a 22 month & 3 month old, and now we have a puppy dog! Am I crazy? Yup… Crazy about my husband who has waited and waited for a dog. This is somewhat of a compromise. There’s no way I can or was willing to handle a dog. We’ve gone to the pound a few times. Been scouring Craig’s List and keeping our ears and eyes open.

Last week, my mom found an add for a Corgi named Scout! We met Scout, who isn’t quite 2 yet, last weekend. He is a Corgi/ Beagle mix. He’s great with kids, house trained, and a sweet little guy.



Now… to just get Silas to leave him alone for at least a few minuets every day…

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