Isaac 3 months!



3 months already?!

Loves to… & Happenings:

  • Isaac is such a joy! He is a happy chubby little man.  He’s affectionately refereed to as “Chubs”, “Chubby Bubby” & “Little Washu”  around here.
  • He’s very easy-going. He’s sleeping pretty well at night.  He usually wakes up between 6:30 & 8am. Morning nap is usually from 9am-10:30 or 11am & then 1-4pm (Ideally, in his perfect little world) and goes to bed at 6:30 or 7pm like Silas.
  • He likes to eat, and pump his legs. He’s a great laugher, and gives killer smiles that melt my heart!
  • He rolls over from tummy to back & back to tummy when he feels like it.
  • He loves playing on his mat looking up at his brother or trying to “catch” toys. During tummy time he always makes his way across the mat and ends up on the wood floor by pushing himself with his legs like a little seal.
  • Absolutely loves bath time.

Not so much…

  • I can’t think of much Isaac doesn’t like other than being kept awake. When its nap time, its nap time. Isaac is like his mama, he needs his sleep!


Little Washu,

You light up our lives! I can’t imagine our family without you! You are such a sweet, squishy, smiley baby and I can’t wait to see your smile when I wake up every morning.  Your brother adores you, and I am so glad you have each other. I enjoy the sweet moments of watching you two interact and I can’t wait to see all the adventures you two go on together!



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