raking leaves…

Funny. 11 Months ago, I wrote a post about it being Fall ALL YEAR ROUND… As my sister says,

“yeah, its kinda like raking leaves under a tree during fall, when all the tree does is drop leaves”
Well, here I am again, 1 year later.
Another kid. A 2 month old and 21 month old. A busy, hard-working husband. A crazy brother. != TONS OF LAUNDRY. 5 Mouths to feed. It’s a beautiful, full, fun, tiring, happy life.

…But it hasn’t gotten easier. My rhythm constantly is changing. My days are longer, the nights are shorter. Less time to myself. More things to do then I realize. My to do list takes up more room then I have in my little notebook. Does it get easier??? For the past month I feel like once my feet hit the ground, I’m running ALLL DAAAAYYYY LONG. ย I’m trying to cut down play dates and outside activities and really focus on my home. 1. I don’t want to be stressed! 2. I want to play with my kids! Not always be rushing around 3. I want to have a semi-clean, happy home with dinner made for my man when he comes home! 4. I want to feel like I accomplish GOOD things every day! I want to build healthy happy habits of a clean house, and yummy wholesome meals on the table for dinner. Not running around “doing” things just to do them, and throw something frozen on the table at the end of it. (not that its wrong, just not for me, right now!) I need some fresh air. Some time to catch my breath. But I realized, even if I had a whole day with no little people running around to get it all done, I’d be knee-deep in clothes and dishes next week again!

I just wish I knew where all that laundry came from… or how we dirtied so many dishes…

So sister, Fall was just a season. I’ve now moved into Winter. And there’s a blizzard outside, while I’m trying to shovel the snow.


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