adventures with Silas: 21 months

21 months!!!!
I can not believe it!
Happenings & 1st:

  • New Words: Isaac, cutie, see, i love you too, book, ball, truck, ouch
  • Counting: We love to count EVERYTHING. One, Two, Five and Six are favorites. But he can count to 10! Super cute.
  • Fun:You can point out your head, hair, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, hands, fingers, tummy and toes! Previously you only liked to do you head and tummy. Now you like to show me everything on your cute little face!
  • You can put your shoes on all by yourself. Most every time you even get them on the right feet!


  • Grammy got you a new train and table for her house! You love it and want to bring it home every time we go!
  • You love your brother and are getting much better at being gentle and playing around him. You love to comfort him when he is sad, play with him when he is happy and share your toys and teach him things! I LOVE watching you play. Every day you both do better co-habitating… rather, you not killing him with love =) You often share your blanket when there are tears, shove your pacifier in his mouth if its open, give him tastes of treats, and even give him good night coconut milk!
  • Speaking of… we are back to Coconut Milk. While you have tolerated drinking Cow’s milk, your little tummy hasn’t liked it much at all. So you get coconut milk for sleepy times and ask for it during the day too.
  • Your are such a veggie and fruit lover! The other day you got out a bag of spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes. So, since it was 7am, I made you a veggie egg hash brown breakfast with onions, avocado and salsa to boot. You ended up eating it all with none left for me!
  • Love watching Word World, Backyardagins and FreshBeatBand! Its so great to see you watch, listen and repeat! You learn so much from these shows! It reminds me constantly how much you soak up without being “taught”. You love the interactions of these shows and how they tell you to “jump” or repeat words and letters!
  • COLORING! A new favorite that has taken over our house. You love to draw on anything and everything with crayons and pens!
Not So Much…

  • Daddy has been gone a lot this month. (In total 16 days!) We made it however! You have had a hard time at night with him gone, but we are working it through!
  • Don’t like saying good-bye to Grammy or Grandpa when they leave.
  • Sitting in a high chair is a thing of the past. We’re all about being a big boy and sitting at the table with everyone.


I love you Silas Boy! I can’t believe how much of a little boy you are becoming and not my baby!!! Keep learning, loving and smiling!!

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