i want i want i want!

The other day while taking a walk around our beautiful town with my friend Jessie, we got to chatting about our kids eating habits and how we are both having second thoughts about fruit snacks due to the use of coloring dyes… Jessie said she was thinking about how lucky she was to have a cart full of groceries to buy, eat and make for her family. Its amazing the variety we have available to us! Kids have their pick of types of fruit snacks, flavor of yogurt and even how its served! Do we want mac and cheese or spaghetti for lunch? And the list goes on…

Funny how I so quickly forgot that conversation and how I really should and can apply it to my life in every area…

I’m already caught up in wanting that new Apple TV. I mean, it’s ONLY $99!

And… I want a new pair of TOMS, and am saving pennies for some new post baby clothes. I’m already putting together a wish list for my birthday.I want the cutest & latest Gap jeans for Silas and a new Volcom jacket to go with it. Isaac needs some baby cons too and more PJs.

I want… I want… I want…

But what has our world come to when there are so  many things we “need” to live? First world problems.
I want to pursue a simpler life. A frugal life. A happy, loving family that isn’t about having, wanting, needing. But what does that look like? How do I apply the ideas from not needing 5 different kinds of fruit snacks, and 3 different choices for lunch to every area of our family life?
I don’t want to live in the dark, no computer and kids running around shoeless (because they have no shoes, not because they want to!) and in tattered clothes. I’m not talking going Amish. I’m talking about changing my thinking and implementing that in my kids lives and in how we raise them. How do you reign in desires? Or do you just not buy things but can desire them? I’m just so confused… I’m toying. Thinking. Praying.

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