Do they know?

Dear Silas & Isaac,

Today has been a great day.
One of those great days I wish every day could be like.

Isaac’s, you’ve been a great napper the past few hours on your play mat.
Any my Silas boy! I’m so proud of what  a great brother you have been today, listening to mama and playing so well!

Laundry is getting done, kitchen is clean and dinner is on its way to being finished.

Birds are singing, there’s a breeze coming thru our window and the sun is shining and warming us up to a perfect 77!

I’m so thankful for today. When I look over at you two, my little boys, I wonder how I got so lucky to be your mama.
I hope you know how much I love you and how wonderful I think you both are! I wonder if one day you will remember these precious days of running around outside in the California Sunshine on a February afternoon. Drawing stick figures while we listen to The Civil Wars… or dancing to music after yummy smoothies.

Even if you don’t… I hope you read my letters, and know that I’m treasuring each and everyone of these moments with you little boys.

Thank you Father for this blessing of a day. When the days are gloomy, I have a bad attitude and have given far too many spankings, please remind me of these days.


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