What I’ve Learned…

Where does the time go??

In my collage days I’ve wished for at least 30 hour days. As a mama, I wish for 48 hours days!

12 hours to be with the kids, 12 hours to do the laundry, cleaning, cooking and housework and another 24 hours to sleep! Wouldn’t that be amazing? Maybe I can talk the kids into it…

When I had Silas, it was just the two of us. Laundry, Meals, Cleaning… no big deal. He slept all day, was asleep for the night by 7, and a late riser. I went to bed before 9, and slept in with him! Life was easy-peasy!
However, now I know why most my mama friends are up till 11pm or later. I’ve been doing, folding and putting away laundry, cleaning the kitchen and the rest of the house, working on social things all while feeding Isaac and trying to catch up with Brock after Silas was in bed.  I still have a ton on my list to do tho. And I haven’t even had a moment to look at Words with Friends, Pinterest or even Facebook really!

I wouldn’t change these days for anything… but I sure am learning to adjust and figure out a new routine!!! And more days then not, it seems like that means staying up late and waking up earlier!!!

but these guys make it worth it for sure =)

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