Red Shirt Friday

Red Shirt Friday

Today, like any Friday, Silas and I are wearing our red shirts in support of Military everywhere. Deployed, Homeland, Vets and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice as well as a their families.

This Friday however, as Silas was eating his breakfast & watching Sesame Street while I was catching up on emails, I snapped this picture. Of course he was holding his blanket as he danced to the music. It embodies so many things to me.

This blanket is not just any blanket. It has special meaning to me, Brock, and Silas. When I found out I was pregnant I ran out and bought this blanket to tell Brock in a fun way. I had no idea he was finding out that he would be deployed to Afghanistan just months later… So this blanket became a crazy tie to all 3 of us. When Silas was about 7 months old, he crawled into his room one day, up on the chair where his blanket had its home and they soon became inseparable… To me, it was like a reminder and comfort of the daddy he had who was so far away. It reminds me every minuet of every day that beyond our Old Town Orange family life, there is more to us. Any minuet Brock could be called to an emergency or disaster. He could leave for weeks or months. He could be deployed to a combat zone or anywhere in general. But I remember that we lived, by God’s grace,  thru one very long deployment and of course we could do it again.

I overheard some ladies at Church talking about how cute Silas was. “Look at his little man clothes”, “Those jeans are just too cute, and then he carries around his blankie”…  Annoying yes. Sometimes I wish we could forget the blanket at home and not drag it thru every flipin’ shop, grocery run, coffee stop and theme park. But no, it must come with us. Its part of Silas’s trade mark so to speak. The kid with the Cons, Skinny Jeans, “surfer necklace” and Camo blankie.  It’s part of who we are as a family.

So as RED SHIRT FRIDAY rolls around once more, I’m proud to wear my Red shirt this one day a week to support my soldier, and the soldiers all around our country and overseas. The ones who eat MRES all week long, shower once a week and barely get to talk to their loved ones. Thank you for your sacrifice for our safety and freedom.


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