Adventures with Silas: SEE?!

This kid kills me. He is

and so so sweet.
Some fun Silas-ism lately:
  • he always wants to know where I am. “mama? MaMa!, MAAAAMAA!!!” whenever I walk out of eye sight.
  • “see? See! SEEEEEE!” usually means he wants whatever he is trying to bring you attention too. usually m y reply is “yes Silas! I see!” However, he is already too smart and usually knows I am not looking. He will bring me the object of his current affection or turn my head to look where he is pointing. 
  • “uh-oh” usually when he breaks something, does something wrong, or wants to watch tv… super funny to hear him. “uh-oh mama… it ok, it ok… SEE?!” seriously. this is a conversation i just had as he broke a piece off his captain america quad…
Silas boy, I love you so much. Sometimes You are one CRAZY little boy! 

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