Isaac: 1 Month

Can’t believe this cutie is already one month old!
He now weighs 11 pounds 3 ounces (92%)
and measures 23 inches long (98%)
Isaac is such a sweat, content little guy! We are so blessed!
So far we’ve figured out he likes to sleep and eat and poop. Amazing right? He loves his swing, when it’s on! The car/carseat is hit or miss. He likes to sleep most of the day but we get to see his big blue eyes for a few hours in the morning and then in the evening again. He’s a good sport when it comes to Silas “loving” on him. He generally has a look of terror as his big brother comes in for a “hug”, but so far everyone is still alive =)He’s got a great smile, we’ve had some great laughs from him already as well! He’s super strong and likes to hold his head up looking all around! If he is not too happy being on one side or the other, he will roll to his belly or back!
We all just love him to pieces!!

The days really are long… but the years are short. Trying to enjoy every moment!!

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