more than surviving…

brothers <3

I was so thankful that Brock was able to take a week off work after Isaac was born. Both sets of grandparents visited on and off both Monday and Tuesday after his birth that week as well. Things were very calm and relaxed around here. Since Brock works so much between his Saturday rotation at Audi every 3 weeks and National Guard “weekends” that have become more frequent due to their current training needs, we haven’t had him around much. It was so great to have him home for 7 days straight! I was nervous about him going back to work for sure. But on the other hand, I wanted to jump back in and figure out our new normal with 2 under 2.

With having a 19 month old crazy, busy, active, fun, smart and spunky little boy adding a newborn to the mix was scary. You hear stories about how hard it is having 2 under 2… So I was a little worried. However, I’ve made it the past few week! For the most part everyone is happy and we are all still alive!

The Challenges:

  • keeping Silas off (literally) Isaac has been one of the biggest things that has kept me on my toes. I can’t do much out of arms reach if the two of them are close together. Silas loves his brother… but the words “gentle” and “careful” are not his forte at this point. Work in progress for sure!
  • lowering my expectations. laundry sometimes doesn’t get done as quickly as i am used to. the bathrooms haven’t been cleaned in 2 weeks.  it took me 3 days to finally get to cleaning the floors. etc… between nursing, changing 2 in diapers, feeding a toddler and myself, i just have to prioritize and be ok with the things that don’t get done. as long as everyone is {semi} happy, fed and clean, my most important job as mama has been accomplished.
  • asking and receiving help. i’m not usually quick to ask for help, or readily accept. however, my personal need for showers, getting laundry done and other little pet peeves taken care of around the house i have gratefully accepted the gifts of help and meals that have been offered. i’m proud of myself for this area of growth vs. trying to do so much on my own {and alone} with Silas after his birth. 
  • trying to nurse Isaac while still meeting Silas’s needs. since Silas has been sick this past week, he needs extra love. usually we spend the time cuddling on the couch if he isn’t feeling well. but between lack of sleep (all around!), not eating well because of the stomach flu, and not getting mama attention he wants, many tantrums have ensued. its one thing when they aren’t happy because they aren’t getting attention, but i feel worse that he isn’t feeling well and just wants to be close to me and there just isn’t room at certain times. 
The Beauty:
  • I love having two boys. Seeing Silas love on Isaac and how content Isaac {usually} is with Silas holding him makes me so happy. I really wondered what God was thinking blessing us with 2 boys so close together… but I already see these two are gonna be best buds. And that makes me so happy!a
  • Slowing down… I always say I’m going to slow down and not plan so much. Not commit or say yes to everything. But I don’t. This really has helped me take it slower and enjoy my home life even more {if that was possible!}
  • I’ve often heard people talk about how they fell in love with their husbands in a whole new way after the birth of a child. I totally understand this now! Getting to see Brock with a baby for the first time has been wonderful and I’m enjoying seeing him with both kids! 

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