Isaac Louis’s Birth Story

The Short Story … Long Version

This is just the facts… few stories. I’ll elaborate when I’m not so pre-occupied with little boy smells, and smiles, and silly antics!

Saturday (1/7/2012) morning I woke up having some contractions that were much stronger then I’d previously had. Said goodbye to Brock who had drill all weekend. Silas and I headed out for a morning of pancakes. They subsided most of the afternoon until dinner.
Brock got home from drill, sick with food poisoning. He was up most of the night being sick, while I had contractions…

Sunday (1/8/2012) rolled around and thankfully Brock’s SGT let him stay home since he wasn’t feeling well and thought I maybe have Isaac today. By the morning my contractions were ranging between 8 & 20 min for about 1 min long. But they weren’t too bad. I was up and around, had lunch with the family and then they stopped! After a short walk around the block with still nothing starting again, I called the midwife on call. Vikki called me back and told me to try and nap and thought I’d probably be meeting him  tomorrow and that labor would start soon. Thankfully I took her advice. I slept for an hour and was up around 3:30pm. My contractions started again a little more intense this time. But still only about 10-15 min apart. I talked with my sister in Tennesse, was twittering, my sister in law in Yuma and was Facebooking.
By 5pm, when my mom dropped Silas off, my contractions started becoming very intense. Lasting from 3-5min but still not 5 min apart. Thankfully when I called Emily to come over, she was here by 5:30p. She called Vikki to tell her we needed to head to the Birthing Center ASAP. We were in the car and leaving by 6:10. My water broke on the way out the door (thankfully outside!). Less then half way there I couldn’t not push anymore and plan B was in the works to take side streets if Isaac decided to come before we arrived and Emily had to deliver Isaac on the side of the road. I told Brock just to get us to the birthing center FAST, I wasn’t a fan of pushing my baby out over concrete =). We pulled into the birthing center at 6:47pm. Only Vikki had arrived at that point, and Emily got to play nurse, Douala & friend!!!!

I was so proud of myself that I walked all the way inside to the back birthing room, and made it to the bed! {vs. collapsing on the floor with Silas at 8cn and refusing to walk anymore!} Vikki checked me and confirmed he was crowning and could already see most of his head. I quickly decided the bed was not my ideal place to push, so Vikki filled the tub for me and I quickly hopped in. A few pushes and 13 min from arrival, we met Isaac Louis!

So, I got my 2nd water birth… Isaac was born into water at 7pm January 8th, 2012 (19 months younger to the day from his brother!)
He weighed in at 8lb 13oz, 19 inches long and just as much hair as his brother!!!

We were home at 11pm and got to introduce him to all four grandparents! We had a fabulous first night as a family of four and have enjoyed spending the day together!

Thank you Jesus for this precious gift!!!!


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