Adventures with Silas: 18 Months

Happy 19 month Birthday Silas!
What a special day!!! We brought you home a baby brother!!!
Happenings & 1st:

  •  Love hearing you say “I love you”
  •  Love all your trucks, Star Wars toys, books, Basket ball hoop & trike Christmas gifts!
  • You’ve been eating bacon lately! Crazy…
  • Love wearing daddy’s sunglasses & patrol cap
  • Got the a cold the week of Christmas and the stomach this month. But thankfully you recovered quickly!
 Love… playing  with your unky’s & dad’s friends! You love playing with your trucks and asking uncle Brady to use your remote control truck, and wearing Jonathan Sepetjian’s beanie. 

Not so Much… on the napping and bed time front. Your a funny kid. Love that when you get in bed you have decided that you want me to lay down with you and pat your pillow to come lay down with you. Super cute.

6 months till your 2? I can’t believe it!


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