Silas LOVES those Go-Go Squeezers from Target, or the Crushers from Trader Joes. I love them too! Except for the fact that he loves them SOOO much that he could eat a whole box… and at $2.50 or $3.00 for the organic veggie mix I could blow my whole weeks budget on snacks for the kid.

I love the idea of them tho. Applesauce & veggies on the go and no mess? Many other mama’s are with me as many of Silas’s friends are also shameless crusher lovers. So, I set out to find something that would work.

And THIS is what I found…

Invented and sold by a Organic, Green, OC Mama! Brilliant! I ordered my set on Monday and received these glorious little bottles this afternoon. I quickly threw them in the dishwasher and made a batch of Applesauce & Bananas to fill them up! 

So yes… I thought purees were a thing of the past in my house. Or at least for the next couple months until Isaac is ready. But honestly, mashing some bananas here or there to mix with organic applesauce, or maybe some frozen berries, etc… the options really are endless, and great for on the go and having a  healthy snack!

Hmmm… wow. I think I am a little too excited about this red squishy tube, but I’m a mama. So cut me some slack! =)


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