Adventures with Silas: 17 months

Wow… Hello December! Our little Silas boy is now 18 Months!
He weighed in today at 24 pounds and 32 inches tall.

Happenings & 1st:

  • Words: Dae-Dee has become “SAY-Day” (his bff Sadie). “I yike dat”, look, “ook” (book- we think?) “bus” (truck or big vehicle) I’m sure there are more, but i can’t think of them right now…
  • Signs: besides his oldies, he has made up some new signs for himself that I have no idea what they are or mean. 
  • We now have all 16 teeth – Thank you JESUS we are done… till 2  year old molars anyway!
  • Foods: in love with Mac & Cheese (good home made type of stuff or kraft!) & pasta, pears, hummus, brownie oat protein bars, cereal with daddy in the morning, and must have 2 cheese sticks and 2 yogurt tubes a day. funny kid. Thanksgiving morning he also ate half a cinnamon roll and a piece of bacon! SWEET BREAD AND MEAT? Crazy, I know. He’s branching out! Of course beans and rice with tons of Salsa is still a favorite and eating all the creamed spinach or spinach dip off anyones plate =)
  • Silas has taken to “shooting” anything and everything with makeshift toy guns (Hammer & Chip Clip mostly). “banggg banngg” and using his trigger finger. Oh Lord, please help me!
  • One of the biggest things this past month has been that he gave up bottles & drinks at night. When Brock came home from being gone we went thru a rough sleeping phase. So now we are trying to learn to fall asleep without drinking to sleep i guess?
  • Playing with friends. Loves getting to go for rides with Sadie Rae & Sam in our new double stroller!

  • Loved being at the cabin a few weeks ago & running in the forest, building *fire* with grandpa & feeding ducks

  • 18 months and still loving his pacifier & blankey.
  • Loves singing and dancing. 
  • Loves cereal and cartoons with daddy in the mornings.
  • Growling and making boy noises.

    Not so much:
    • Again, sleeping by himself in the middle of the night and sometimes naps has become a hardship. But were slowly making progress and getting better. 
    • Being left in the nursery. However, at least it only takes him a minuet or so to warm up and then happily plays until we return. 
    • Does not like sitting for meals or being at restaurants very long. 
    What a great month of learning, growing and exploring for our little guy! So blessed to have him in our lives! 
    18 months will be a big month for Silas with Christmas fun and a baby brother to look forward to! Ready or Not! He’s a comin’!!!!

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