Father & Son

These past 9 months have flown by. I love having my husband home and living with me again! It’s an amazing feeling to know that he isn’t leaving for more then a few weeks any time soon. God has blessed us in so many ways this past year in our transition from crazy journey of couple> single > mama & babe > family of 3 > mama & babe > family of 3! and now family of 4 very soon.

Christmas is quickly coming and the excitement of Brock & Silas meeting for the first time still lingers for me. I think Christmas will forever be a very special memory for us as a family. God was faithful in getting us all through Brock having to leave again, and then to bring him home to us as well in the months following. I’m just continually amazed as the special bond Silas and Brock have together. There were so many fears and questions I had about Silas’s adjustment to having Brock here, or knowing who his daddy was and more. But like most other things in life, I look back and am sure my Heavenly Father is shaking His head at me. “Dearest Daughter, don’t you know that this was My plan all along? Did you really wonder at the great things I have in store for your family?” Of course in hinds sight it’s easy to say, oh of course and move on. But I just wanted to stop a moment and Thank God for the wonderful relationship He has given Silas & Brock. It brings me so much joy to see them play together. Silas’s excitement when Brock comes home at night. How they eat the same, watch TV the same, sleep the same…. so many things.

I’m so lucky. I’m blessed to have this guy at my husband. I’m thankful and grateful for the things the Lord has brought us to and so faithfully given us the strength to face head on and conquer.


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