Today in our  Moms & More group we discussed De-Stressing  & how to de-stress your kids. Such a great chapter, and just what I needed this week!

1. Stopping to realize the stress your experiencing might be affecting your kids.
2. Realizing those tantrums or outbursts may not just be due to anger or toddler ways… maybe there is stress, busyness or lack of sleep playing a roll in our child’s attitude.
3. Physical ailments? What could be the link between health problems and certain stresses.

Our group discussed the question “What difficult decision might you have to make to ruthlessly eliminate stress for you and your family?” (Burns, 10 Building Blacks for a Solid Family)

Christmas. Parties. Birthdays. Gifts. Pregnancy. Babies arrival. 

These are just a few big stressers for me this month. All with in a matter of weeks. I’m so glad to have read this chapter this week. Its like God intended it for me, right now, this very moment. I’ve been struggling with what has to go because its not going to get done in the first place. And I figured I
might as well not stress about it when I don’t get around to doing it!

Christmas – Decorations aren’t even coming down this year. Too much to maintain, clean and pack back up at the most inopportune time. I’ve decided on a few simple things: Today our Felt Nativity Advent Calendar will find a home somewhere for Silas to do each day. We have a chocolate Advent calendar for a special treat to do with daddy. And lastly, he is getting a Little People Nativity to play with that can stay out. Simple & all age appropriate. I’m going to try and make a snowflake garland & Christmas wreath as well, but those are low priorities (after dishes & getting the floor cleaned!)

Parties & Birthdays – We have a bunch of parties these next few weekends along with all the December birthdays of Family & Friends. We’ll make it to as many as we can if only to say hi & bye. I want everyone to feel special, but being pregnant & having a toddler, sometimes things don’t go as planned. We’ll do our best, but not do ourselves in.

Gifts – Amazon, Online Shopping and early Target trips. I’m not sticking with the original crafty/sewing project list I made last month. If I have to spend a few extra dollars on a gift vs. making something, its worth it right now. And that’s ok. Sticking to a budget however and nothing fancy for anyone or too expensive. Sorry family!

Pregnancy & Baby Isaac – I’m due 1 month from tomorrow. However, with Brock working every weekend between here and there, along with parties and Christmas, I have to take advantage of the days. Trying really hard to get things done this weekend. This is the hardest for me. SLOWING DOWN. So much to do. But, I’d hate to be couch bound for the season. So I’m trying to take help and get necessities done! Feww…..

Thank you Jesus for Your perfect timing, wonderful friends & good food =) I love Moms & More Thursdays!!!

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