Thankful Thursday: THANKSGIVING!

This month I’m SO Thankful For…
1. My wonderful husband! I’m so thankful that he works so hard at a job he isn’t it love with to provide for our family. And for his service to our country.
2. The cutest little Silas boy. He makes me smile ever day. I love his hugs, and kisses and cute little personality!
3. For the blessing of baby Isaac whom we get to meet in just a few short weeks! 
4. Thankful for a wonderful supportive family! Love getting to spend long weekends with the Buoniconti’s here or in Yuma. Also thankful for the Herring side we get to see throughout the week!
5. Thankful for amazing mama friends that I get to hang out with, talk, vent to and with, play dates and a shared love for coffee =)
6. Thankful for my non-mama friend too! So glad I can always call her up for pedis & coffee!!!!
7.Thankful for a wonderful Church where can grow, learn & serve
8. Thankful for our beautiful home. I love living in Old Town. 
9. May be dumb… but Thankful for my iPhone. Its amazing all the things that I have at my fingertips and how convenient it is to look up a recipe while cooking, or find a coupon while shopping! 
10. Thankful for NAPS! 
11. beautiful fall weather!
12. the energy to keep up with my little boy (most of the time!)
13. rainy days spent in doors with my family!
14. the blessing of a mini van that takes me where ever I need.
15. good deals! So thankful for resources to save money!
16. an amazing midwife who is so talented.
17. Christmas music!
18. Today… I’m ever so thankful for caffeine. In all forms. Diet Coke and Starbucks mostly however =)
19.  So thankful for a heater to keep us warm on cold & rainy days!
20. Thankful that we have the ability to worship freely without worry of torture, capture or death.
22. Thankful for family dinner nights that we can get together, eat, talk and have fun.
23. Thankful that I have the ability to cook and bake, go to stores & buy food!
24. Thankful for family to spend Holidays with!

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