I can’t believe I’m 34 weeks tomorrow! 6 weeks give or take until we have another little boy in this house! Exciting & Scary all at the same time!

Things haven’t panned out exactly how I’d hoped for my to do list.  But mostly because I decided its too early to wash clothes or set up things, etc… So this is where I’m at…

Still to do:

-Hang Chalk Board Decals
-Rearrange, clean, stock hall closets (game closet, linen closet & cleaning closet) 

-Check on paper towels, paper napkins, toilet paper & baby wipes supply (going dark on “green” things for a bit after baby comes to cut down on laundry!)
-Deep DEEP clean cloth diapers 
-Separate Cloth diapers (Silas vs. newborn size)
-Need 0-3mo baby pants & T-Shirts for Silas
-Wash newborn clothes & blankets
-Set up baby area in our bedroom
-Wash stored baby things (bouncer, swing, play mat)
-All Christmas gifts wrapped & labeled
-Infant Seat installed in car
-Silas’s seat switched sides
-Pack Birthing Center Bag for mama & baby Isaac
-Pick up/Pack Birthing Center needs
-Pack Silas’s Fun/Overnight Bag

Seriously — how does this list keep growing??!

At least I have a lot finished!!!

-Family “Rules” for living room – [Holding out for buying one on Etsy]
Decide on Stroller & Order
Rag quilt for Silas (Christmas gifts from mama)
-Newborn/ Size 1 diapers , Silas size 4 diapers & wipes ordered 
-Little Boys closet cleaned out & arranged
-Clean & Organize boy’s bathroom cupboards
-Stock bathrooms with paper goods
-Paint boys bathroom  & decorate
-Clean & Organize Laundry Room
-Kitchen Menu Bored /grocery list
Apply wall decals for boys room 
-Kids Growth Chart Ruler
-“baby” proof kitchen doors
-Clean out toy bin
-Weed out “baby” toys & separate
-New bins for Silas toys
-“winter” clothes for Silas  
Figure out newborn winter/warm clothes needed

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