What I’ve Learned…

Funny how as a mom it seems like you end up learning the same lessons over and over…

This past week I re-learned that:
  • Little boys faces & hands will never be clean. No matter how many times you clean it!
  • Once your kid gets really good at something, one day they will decide it doesn’t work for them anymore. Case in point. Silas has napped religiously from 1-4 for MONTHS. In the past two weeks, more often then not, he’s decided it just doesn’t work for him anymore. Praying this is due to teething & lately a cold.
  • Just because you eat a freakin huge lunch doesn’t mean one is full. The bottomless pit ate everything in site yesterday. However, after an hour of not napping, I guess all he needed was some chips, juice, whole apple and cheese stick and then was out like a light??? GO figure 
  • The day does go on, and you will survive a night of little to no sleep. Really… 
  • I’m convinced that memories of your child will be 50% snuggles, kisses and lovies… and 50% embarrassment. Today we had to say hi and wave to every crazy homeless person we passed in front of starbucks as well as blow kisses to the tractor driver passing by. He also decided to say, multiple times at the top of his lungs, “I LIKEEE ITTT” to the naked purple statue at the end of our table last night at dinner. Thank God the room was mostly empty and not many people outside our family were there to witness.
I’m sure there are many more things I have learned and re-learned about being a Mama this week… but those were some highlights.
When I think about this week, even if its been stressful, sick and tiring, I look at my little Silas boy and wouldn’t want to change a thing about it. All the extra cuddles (if that’s possible!) sad eyes, and extra time spent on the couch, I feel like the luckiest mama in the world to be chosen to spend these precious moments learning these things with him. 

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