Adventures with Silas: 16 months

I can’t believe this little guy is 17 months already! 

Happenings & 1st:

  • Words include: Mama, Dadda/Papa,Gwand-Maaaa, Uhhhhuuuttt-Ohhhh, Hottt, Dany (Daniel), Dae-Dee (Sadie Rae), GandPa, Bana (Banana), Peeees (please), Tank-Tu (Thank you) 
  • Signs: “more please”, “i’m sorry”, “all done”
  • 12 teeth + 2 eye teeth popped thru (11/8/2011) grand total of 14 teeth!!
  • Falling backwards off the couch. Awesome, I know. 
  • Banana’s are the new preferred fruit. 
  • Silas loved going to the new Ruby’s at the Orange Train Station a few weeks ago! We pick up his Tia (Aunt Dawna) and he loves watching them go by & the big one in the restaurant!

Red Cup Day

This kid is all boy I tell you!

  • Loves little girls (especially a little older then himself). He’ll stop & hug them anywhere
  • LOVE his cars and trucks. They “vroooommm” all over the place. 
  • Isn’t really into books unless they have bugs, cars or trucks on them. 
  • His squeeze fruit pouches. Broccoli Soup. Blueberry Waffles. Chocolate Milk (occasionally). M&MS. 
  • He loves giving kisses

Not So Much:

  • Silas didn’t enjoy this past week of his dad being gone (neither did I!!) He refused to nap. But, he is back to napping today. Guess dad just has to be in the state!!
  • Silas also wasn’t a fan of construction going on at Grandma & Grandpas. He loves running around the living room & playing hide and seek. But the plastic tarps scared him to death!


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