31 weeks & a name: round 2

Not really sure how I flew thru week 30?! But my appointment went great and here were are at 31 weeks!


  • Great appointment. Glucose & blood work came back great. Sometime I have all the signs for Anemia but I’m not. So that is good!
  • Gained 3 pounds these fast few weeks. (blahh)
  • Baby’s heart is sounds great in the 150’s.
  • I think baby knows he has a brother, unky & dad to keep up with and is going to be a Ninja! I seriously wonder if he will just bust right out one day he is such a crazy mover. 
  • Still having braxton hicks, and weird back pain this week. But I’m still here, and things are lookin good!
  • I decided to forego the dirt pills because it is a detox and didn’t want to chance it. Maybe next time I will start doing a detox before getting pregnant and see if it helps! However, the Zantac started working a lot better the past week and I’ve been taking is 2xs daily religiously. I’m onto my 3rd bottle of TUMS as well. (booo)
  • Cravings? Nothing particular. But I’ve been really trying to watch what I eat since the scale hasn’t been my friend. But it doesn’t really seem to matter what I do. I think this kid is just gonna be beefy. 
  • And the most exciting recent happenings are that we finally agreed on a name… DRUMROLL PLEASE:

  • Brock picked Isaac (something we both agreed on). It’s Biblical & Hebrew for “He will laugh”. We had an equally hard time with the middle name. My sister suggested Louis (both my brother in-laws & nephew’s middle name), which means “fame & war” but also known for “famous warrior”. This hooked Brock and it was a done deal. So there is the story. 
Onto the next 8+ weeks!

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