28 weeks: round 2

Today little baby b is 2/3rds of the way done cooking!
Another great appointment with my amazing midwife BJ! Just to brag on her a little… My first apt at 8:30am was canceled due to a birth. So they told me to come in at 1:30 for my apt & glucose test. One of the gals called to reschedule me because BJ just had her 3rd mama come in for a birth. I explained I couldn’t come in Wednesday & already had my mom coming to watch my little guy. She offered to draw my blood at least & see if BJ could squeeze me in depending on how things were going. Great! When I arrived, It looked like I’d just have to settle for the blood draw. However, BJ surprised me & saw me anyway. (Don’t worry, the mom decided she wasn’t ready to push, I wasn’t stealing her!) I love that BJ had been up all night, in the middle of her 3rd birth, with a 4th mama on the way to the birthing center as we spoke. Yet she still made me feel like she had all the time in the world and is so caring! I’m really blessed with having someone who cares so much! By the way… 16 months ago these two met for the first time face to face!

BJ & Silas Ethan


  • Another great apt!
  • Gained 1 pound these fast few weeks. (yay!)
  • Baby’s heart is sounding great in the 150 range.
  • He’s a big mover in there. 
  • Lots of braxton hicks, but nothing to worry about!
  • Heartburn is out of control. I’m reading into a natural method of eating dirt. Yeah, kinda grossed out for sure! But, if it works, I’d be in Heaven!
  • Glucose test done! Waiting for the results
  • Cravings? Cheeseburgers. Seriously, STILL. And now Salad & Cereal, pretty much any time of the day. However, anywhere we go I smell food and I want whatever it is i smell. Its crazy and horrible.

I think that’s all folks!!!!
Hopefully in the next 12 weeks we can decide on a name & double stroller… yup, those are biggies. I know =)


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