Adventures with Silas: 15 months

Another month here & gone… 

September Happenings & 1st…

  • 1st stomach flu of the year. 
  • Now has 12 teeth (4 upper, 4 lower  & 4 molars)~ Eye teeth are on their way
  • Enjoying a slow transition to Coconut Milk (Cow’s milk was a no go for his little tummy)
  • Going out to eat & grocery stores have become tolerable again! Target & Grocery shopping includes lots of “Look” & talks about everything. Meals out are much more fun passing the time by coloring trying to color (or eating crayons). 
  • Meal times Silas is completely self fed. Although sometimes towards the end, I try and get extra bites in when he gets too interested in something else.
  • While Silas wont eat toast or a piece of bread at home, he loves getting bagels or bread at restaurants. Go figure. However, he likes to pick out the insides and leave any part that is “hard”! 
  • New vocab: Danny (for his Uncle), hot & Uh-Oh  
  • New sign: “all done” & almost got “i’m sorry” down
  • Silas has been getting up earlier then he used to. Most nights  he is in bed by 7pm and up around 6 or 6:30am. Nap time is from 1-4pm. Love this guy & his need for a schedule. 
  • Silas is very orderly. Lately however, it has gone to a whole new level. I got in trouble when I put the red block on top of the yellow block stack. Everything in Silas land must be just so. Oh my, we are in for it.


  • V8 veggie juice – He drinks probably 4 or 5 cups of juice a day! He refuses apple juice now. Loves his carrot/fruit blend! 
  • Silas loves his cars & trucks. He makes great truck noises & says “vrooom” when playing or if we see a truck while we are in the car. 
  • Meal times. Fruit, veggies & pasta!!! Oh, and Costco Chocolate Muffins!
  • Play time with friends.
  • Running around outside.
  • Music & dancing. 
  • Watching the rain outside.
  • Silas loves to give kisses. He often comes up to me, grabs my heck for a big up then gives me a big wet one. Oh how I love that!

Not So Much…

  • Silas likes his way for sure. What kid doesn’t tho? When we say no, or take something away, we are getting into the tantrum phase. 
  • He doesn’t like it when daddy leaves for work, or if mama leaves to go somewhere. 

Other then that, I can’t think of much that Silas doesn’t like (other then meat & sitting down too long!)

I feel like there isn’t much new going on around here. But I sure love seeing Silas grow & explore. He’s such a great little guy & so fun to be around =) Thank you Jesus for his precious little life!!!


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