Pumpkin Treats

The fall & winter months seem to have so many fun festive treats & projects to do. I found Pumpkin Crisipies on Pinterest (yeah, big surprise I know!)a few weeks ago & couldn’t wait for October to be here to try them! So today we invited our friends over to make these little guys!
Pinterest Version

Rice Crispy Pumpkins

From the recipes I found, most called for brown or green candies to make the stems on the top. I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t huge/fun sized. So we used TJ’s Cat Cookies instead. I think they are adorable myself. We also didn’t make faces, I like the simple pumpkin look anyway.

Silas & his snack

Sadie enjoying her pumpkin!


So, another fun Pinterest project down and a million and one left to try!
If your looking for a fun snack to make with your kids, these were fun & easy! I did do a few things differently…

*Spray a cupcake pan & add crispy treats to make their shape
*Chocolate Cat Cookies for stems
*No faces
*Used red & lots of yellow food color gel instead of orange (target & albertsons didn’t carry orange!)to the marshmallow “cream” before adding rice crispies
*Kids didn’t help, that stuff is HOTTTTTT


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