25 weeks: round 2

Today Baby B #2 is 25 weeks.

Silas & I headed to my midwife apt to see how he was checkin’ out. As my midwife explained to Silas, “Baby’s house is growing & so is your brother”. She’s so great with kids & mamas… well, she’s great with everyone! I love the way she explained things to him, it was so cute!

Baby’s Heart Beat was beeping away in the 150’s. Happy & Healthy there.
I can’t believe this little guy is over a foot long and maybe already 2 pounds!  It’s amazing to think that his little eyes are being formed & soon he will have eye lashes to go with them! Since Brock & I both have brown hair/brown or Hazel eyes, not much to wonder on that front. But I do hope he will have beautiful eye with long lashes like Silas!


  • As far as weight gain… yeah, we will be skipping that from now on.
  • Baby is kicking & playing a lot. Way more then Silas ever did. Boy, does it make me think I am in for it. Scary!
  • Cravings? Once in a while I want some candy or something sweet. Rarely do I give in. Seriously. This entire pregnancy Brock’s gotten me ice cream one & I went for Krispy Kreams once (for one dounut!) I’m still always in the mood for a burger, but I’m kind of picky about things. Either they do or don’t sound good.
  • Moods? I don’t feel like I’ve had too many mood swings. Brock may have a different story. I do feel overwhelmed with things I want to get done & not being able to do it all on my own. But other then that, things are going well (I think!)
  • Braxton Hicks are back & in full force. They are worse when the weather is hot. But drinking tons of water & putting my feet up when I can is a priority when it gets bad. 

Well, I think that’s it for now.

3 weeks till the dreaded Glucose Test!


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