Adventures with Silas: 14 months

This month of August has flown by.
Silas is changing before my eyes every day. Becoming more of a little boy then baby which I love & but makes me sad too. But, growing is a part of life and I’m glad he is doing it so well!

Silas’s 15 month Stats are…
23 pounds (25%)
31 1/2 (75%)

August Happenings & 1st

…1st day trip with Grandma & Grandpa to the cabin in Lake Arrowhead  without mama!
…Last big trip to Disneyland before our pass expired. Got to go on all his favorite rides, try the monorail & eat at Rainforest Cafe!
…1st time roasting marshmallows over a fire (with help of course!) and 1st bite of a s’more. Not a huge fan.
…1st Family Wedding for Brock’s cousin Jennifer. Silas didn’t actually attend the wedding, but he made it for the reception & dancing. He ate all his cousin’s left over food & then boogied down on the dance floor with his Nani & aunties. Super cute.
…He has found his little voice. He loves to scream & squeel in a little high pitched voice.
…he also likes having conversations with himself & other people. he will blabber on and on about something, pointing, using his hands, eyebrows & tonal pitch to get a point across. but honestly, i have no idea what he is saying!
… we’ve been working on body parts & started with head. he likes to point to his head & you to ask him what that is, then tell him head! were working on toes & hands now too, but he always says “no” and goes back to his head until you say head. go figure.
…he’s added “grandma” to his vocab. it takes various forms, but “gwa-ma” is most certainly our latest word.
…he now has 3 bottom teeth and 2 top molars (1 bottom tooth & 2 molars this past week). 2 more molars & eye teeth are buldging but haven’t broken the surface.
…Silas now understands the concept of running away from people. So we try not to make things a game, but he enjoys grabbing something he shouldn’t & running away. Or running away when you ask him to come to you.
…Silas loves to “help” daddy & grandpa bbq as well as “cook” in the kitchen. We had to teach him hot however since his favorite things have fire. He now blows on things when you tell him “it’s hot”. Super cute. He likes to blow on food, bbq, oven, or when I say, “I’m/It’s Hot”. Oh, my boy!


  • playing out side as always
  • running around the house screaming
  • dancing to music  & singing himself
  • Elmo & Big Bird “TV”
  • Nap time & cuddles
  • drinking out of big people cups  & especially using straws
  • using his fork for meals. he is actually getting really good
  • fruit & salsa
  • talking on the phone! cutest thing to see him put the phone up to his ear & have a conversation

On top of all the “new things” Silas has done this past month, there are so many stories that need to be recorded as well!

– silas just jumped off the couch onto a bean bag in the middle of the floor while holding his blanket around his neck (superhero style)

 silas & sadie explored bushes at the park playing hide and seek in between them. amazing to see two little people share the cutest little moments of laughing at each other & playing chase. he is loving playing with his little friend and she cares so much about him, i love it!

– one day, by 8:30 am Silas had a… poop disaster, painted on the just cleaned floor with fruit , jumping/falling off the bed and some storage boxes & drinking out of the toilet.


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