Menu Plan: Aug 29th – Being extra frugal & planning!

This past week, I dappled in a few “new” ideas.  I figured, why wait till baby time to see if these work? I might as well try them now!

After going to Fresh & Easy & using a great coupon, I got over $50 of groceries for just $35! When I got home, instead of putting everything away, I left a few things out… and this is what I did!
1) Chicken on sale? Bought a 3 pound package & cooked it up. Separated it for a casserole I was making & then into 2 separate baggies, date labeled & in the freezer on the Chicken shelf!
2) While chicken was baking, I fried up a pound of sausage & cooked up tater tots. I made 2 breakfast dishes. One for this week & one for the freezer.  This Crescent Roll Egg dish is deslish & a big hit! I also made my own variation of these Egg “Muffins” that I stuck in a freezer bag for quick easy breakfasts for later! So for about $11 i made breakfasts for roughly 20 servings! Not bad!
3)Double a casserole recipe. If your making dinner already, why not double the recipe & freeze the other half for dinner in 2 weeks??!
So, for this next week this is what our menu is looking like!
Salsa Chicken for Burritos (frozen)
Pineapple Fried Rice (our version, carrots, broccoli & peas added) 
– Black Bean Quesadilla
Sour Cream Noodle Bake (meat already cooked/frozen)
– Calazones
– Crescent Roll Breakfast Bake

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