20 weeks: Baby 2

Half way there? My goodness… how time really does fly.

  • Baby is the size of a Cantaloupe, 6 inches long & weighing in over 11 ounces. 
  • Another monthly apt down. So far I’ve gained 9.5 pounds total.
  • Cravings? I seriously would eat a cheeseburger every day if I could. Not sure what it is with Buoniconti boys & making me crave meat & cheese?
  • Moods? Funny how I get really frustrated with the strangest/dumbest things lately. (My tank top feeling too short, pieces of grass on the floor, baby books not staying on the shelves when I neatly put them away) 
  • I’m making lists, checking it twice & getting things done. Feels really good not to have ideas & such floating around in my head. Instead, I’ve just been updating my word doc & notebook & have already checked a few things off! Feels great. 

That seems like all the baby updates I can thing of for now!

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