THE List

Nesting is in full swing over here. I even have a note book of all the things I need to do between now & baby’s arrival.  And since I’m due between Christmas & New Years, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for things to be done last minuet. So, all projects  are set to to be around Thanksgiving. Freezer meals I’m planning to start the week after Thanksgiving/1st week of December. Then, planning the rest of the month of December for special things to do with Silas. Christmas crafts & gifts, special cookies, and of course, lots of snuggles while watching Christmas movies!
Projects to be finished by November 20th:
-Book Shelves for Boy’s room
-Spruce up the room with some wall decals or something
-Clean out toy bin
-Weed out “baby” toys & separate
-New bins for Silas toys
-Deep DEEP clean cloth diapers 
-Separate Cloth diapers (Silas vs. newborn size)
-“winter” clothes for Silas  (ALMOST!)
-Wash newborn clothes & blankets
-Figure out newborn winter/warm clothes needed
-Set up baby area in our bedroom
-Wash stored baby things (bouncer, swing, play mat)
-Thick quilt for living room play mat
-Big Brother gift for Silas
-Family “Rules” for living room
-Kitchen Menu Bored /grocery list
-Paint boys bathroom. 
-Decorate bathroom
-Clean & Organize boy’s cupboards
-Stock bathrooms with paper goods
-Rearrange, clean, stock hall closets (game closet, linen closet & cleaning closet) 
-Clean & Organize Laundry Room
-Check on paper towels, paper napkins, toilet paper & baby wipes supply (going dark on “green” things for a bit after baby comes to cut down on laundry!)
-Newborn/ Size 1 diapers needed?
To be finished by December 4th
-All Christmas gifts wrapped & labeled by  
-Burp cloths
-Rag quilt for both boys in their own colors (Christmas gifts from mama)
Freezer Meals ( # of meals) to be finished by December 11th:
-Crock Pot Salsa Chicken (x 2)
-Italian Seasoned Ground Beef (x4)
-Mexican Seasoned Ground Beef (x4)
-Black Beans & Pinto Beans (x8/ea)               
-Chicken Broccoli Supreme (x2)
-Chicken Broccoli & Rice (x2)
-Taco Casserole (x2)
-Chicken Garlic Lasagna (x2)
-Meat Lasagna (x2)
-Tortilla Soup (x2)
-Broccoli Cheese Soup (x2)
-Cheesy Potato Soup
-Sausage & Egg Burritos (x10)
-Sausage egg “muffins” (x12)
-Hash brown, bacon & egg “muffins” (x12)
-Blueberry coffee cake (x10)
Grocery Shopping:
Stock up on:
-Spaghetti Sauce
-Black Beans
-Refried Beans
 -Chili Beans
-Salad Dressing
-Canned fruit
-Hot chocolate

So what have I forgotten? Would love ideas & imput!!!

3 thoughts on “THE List

  1. Jen, as i was reading your comment I was totally sad thinking you said "Im a little tired OF reading your list" lol. Ok, feww, glad that isn't what you said! Thats totally sweet of you! I will totally take a meal!Laura, wish you could help paint too! I'm praying it gets done since its on my list, even tho I can't actually do anything =( I feel like at least making the list is a good start. Now hopefully it will all get done!

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