19 Weeks… (round 2)

Seriously, where has the time gone? Almost half way to our 40 week mark and Baby B’s due date. Amazing. 
Today I went in for Baby B’s anatomy scan…things went well & it was fun to see the little guy and get a feel for his personality. He was yawning & wiggling. Then he went to sleep. It was crazy to see him punch or kick on the ultrasound and feel it at the same time too! 
Today I am 19 weeks, 1 day. Baby is measuring 3 days “big” (I don’t call it ahead… because I’m guessing round 2 will be late too!) He measured in at 11+ ounces. And unlike Silas, I got to see his face, and profile along with all his apendeges! (Silas always had something “missing” & no face shots!)
We’re plugging along over here. After a crazy week at VBS & a family wedding this weekend, I have been pooped. But other then that, I still feel great & pregnancy is going well. 
Half way there! 20 Weeks till Christmas people! I better get on that… 

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