Adventures with Silas: July

Since we have passed really celebrating monthly birthday’s now that you are 1, I haven’t been writing down many milestones. But they come fast and its so fun to see you grow!

This past month a few high lights have been:

  • Playing with your CHUCK Cars & making “vroom” noises
  • Blowing kisses and making those great kissing sounds to follow (Yup! 2 separate actions, and ever so delightful!)
  • You love waving goodbye when you hear people talking about leaving, or going, or walking to the door. I’m always so surprised you pick up on these things and know that they correspond with waving good-bye!
  • You love to “dance”. Its a Silas-ism for sure. Usually it means walking in place, throwing your hands in the air, wiggling your butt, or something of the sort. I just love it. If music comes on in a commercial or movies, you always stop & start to dance!
  • You love to watch the cooking channel & watch us cook here at home. Its super cute, but also frustrating at times when you HAVE to see the pots on the top of the stove.
  • Your as loving as ever. This morning before you woke up you scooched up to me, put your arms around my neck, rubbing my hair & giving me kisses. I’m not sure there could possible be a sweeter little boy. 
  • You love to feed your self using a fork. As long as the food is “sticky” it works really well. 
  • Your back to being a vegetarian loving boy. Usually its a muffin, bagel or some other bread for breakfast, with a peach or nectarine, and cheese stick. You do great eating whatever I am making for lunch or dinner. But you wont eat beef or chicken any more, not even burgers! For some reason you have eaten meatballs, but that’s it. You enjoy plain pasta (so you can pick it up with you fingers), salads, veggies, tomatoes, fruit, cheese, pretty much anything spicy or mexican! You’ll eat one (or three!) of your fruit Trader Joe crushers pretty much at any point of the day too. 
  • You still love being outside! Playing in your pool, with your toys, or taking a walk. You can now climb up the slide, and slide down all by yourself! 
  • I think the biggest change the past month has been your sleeping! You sleep in your big boy bed all night long and for your naps too! You usually only wake up 1 or 2xs a night! This is such an improvement and I am getting spoiled by the extra sleep!
  • You rode Dumbo at Disneyland for the first time on our last visit!

You are a wonderful, energetic, amazing little boy Silas! We love watching ou grow up & are so glad God chose us to be your parents. 


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