The Power to Push

So I just got my mail and this is what arrived….

Power Bar Protein Bits… “The Power to PUSH”

I’m only admitting this because I’m laughing so hard at myself, but as I am looking at the box I thought to myself, “WOW, how did they know I was pregnant?!” WHHATTT? There is guy lifting weights on the front… its not a labor snack! Anyway, it then came to me!  People sell snack packs on the plane, why not make snack packs for mama’s in labor? My midwife encourages snacking as much as possible during labor to keep up one’s energy. However, that was the last thing I needed to get ready as I was packing my bag & getting ready the weeks before. Wouldn’t you love to put your order in tho, select a few favorite protein rich things and have someone deliver it with some fresh fruit or hot meal for your hubs as well as you wait? Hmm… I think I may have stumbled up a new service that might pick up! Like I have time… but I would be fun!

Anyway… I might snack on our Power to Push (through the day!) Power Bites before that days comes for me. =)


2 thoughts on “The Power to Push

  1. You sure it won't make you throw up? Great idea and market to hospitals. Make a high carb snack that taste a little better if it must come up. ๐Ÿ™‚

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