Baby B #2: 16 Weeks

Another month down and check up for Baby B. 
These appointments are so short, its great… 
-weigh in (EWWW)
-listen to baby’s heart beat
-try and keep Silas from climbing up the table
-questions? you sure nothing???
-see you in 4 weeks…
10 min later, were on our way out! that’s what i love about my midwife! especially with a toddler in toe!

  • How big is baby? At 16 weeks BB2 is the size of an avocado. 
  • Still feeling great! Don’t hate me… Heart burn no matter what I eat, but Tums help a lot still. Random pregnancy symptom is that my hands & feet fall asleep regularly. I had no idea this was even pregnancy related. 
  • Weight Gain? 5 pounds in 5 weeks. Which at this point is ok, since I’ve entered the 2nd trimester. Now for a total of 6 pounds in 16 weeks. Hope to keep the number down!
  • Cravings? I really am still craving cheeseburgers. Crazy, I know. I must be something my body needs during pregnancy, since that’s been my one constant food desire for both my pregnancies… I wonder what I would do if we ever moved to a state without In-n-Out!!
  • What about Baby Silas?? Well, I think he is still too young to really understand those whole concept. We talk about “babies” and having a “brother or sister”, But, he just laughs and keeps playing or whatnot. So, maybe when his friend Sadie has her little brother, it may become a little more real. We will see!

Nothing much more to report I guess at this point. I need to make an appointment for the anatomy scan in a few weeks, so I guess we will know in a few weeks if were having a boy or girl!!


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