Baby B #2: 11 Weeks

Today I had my 2nd appointment with my wonderful Midwife, BJ!
It was strange to be having a prenatal appointment almost exactly 1 year after giving birth there!

Silas and I got to listen to Baby B #2’s heart beat & weigh in. Here are the stats…

  • How big is Baby? At 11 weeks BB2 is the size of a lime. 
  • I’m feeling great! No morning sickness around here, just a little extra tired. 
  • Weight Gain? At my apt, I gained 1 lb, after my previous 6lb loss… However, I’m pretty sure their scale is off and I’m holding to my 0 lbs gained… 
  • Cravings? same with Silas, lots of burgers! I’m always wondering where the closest In-n-Out is when out =) and Candy. Crazy I know… and its a  good thing we don’t have much around. I haven’t even finished the handfull of candy from Silas’s 2010 halloween stash! So, I’m feeling good about keeping that under control! =)

Well, I guess that’s about it for the Baby update! Check back in 5 weeks for news after our next appointment!

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